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Omerta: Book Two

Battaglia Mafia Series

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Vita Mia

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A new love can bring forth old Demons
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Vita Mia – The Final Book Is Here!
May 27th, 2019

Omerta1BlogMy Dearest Mynxers,

I’m happy to share with you the final book in the Battaglia Mafia Series. Ten years of imagination has brought us to the conclusion of my most epic story telling in my career. I have gain and lost fans along the way, but through it all I kept pushing toward this ending. I know that for some of you it will not be enough and for others it will be too much. But overall I feel that each of you will walk away with some satisfaction in the conclusion.

I read an article recently about Game of Thrones. It explored the fans (including myself) disappointment with the ending. It talked about the challenges an author faces in serial story writing that can lead to a fan revolt. When it came to pantsters and plotters. If you don’t know a plotter is a writer who takes the time to outline their entire body of work and follows the outline to the letter to bring the series to an overall conclusion. A plotter is methodical and very disciplined in their storytelling abilities. A pantster is not. A pantster lets the story tell itself. And in developing a saga the … Read the rest

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